About Me

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I have long held a deep and unyielding desire to help others discover and improve their lives in a meaningful way. I feel that touch is a universal gateway to understanding and connection

My interest in bodywork began with my first experience as a client on the table.

Once I found that first therapist, I knew right then “I just had to get a session.”

It’s been a non stop thrill ride of an adventure since then The most recent stop on my personal journey was graduating from SHI Integrative Medical Massage School. I hold certificates in a variety of techniques and modalites including: Craniosacral Therapy, MET Illiosacral, MET Sacralilliac, TMD, Temporal, Mandibular Dysfunction, Reiki, Bowen, Soft Tissue Release, TMJ Bowen, Hormonal Release the Bowen Way, AMT and Seifujujitsu (Restoration Therapy)

The most important step towards self discovery is self awareness. Our bodies are a great resource and a detailed map to follow. You just need the right guide, Things like chronic pain and stiffness don’t have to be roadblocks to journey. Transform them into tools of transformation instead.

I utilize traditional massage, and advanced techniques to empower your journey so you can embody your higher purpose.


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